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Bringing Black History into the World Language Classroom

Command Performance Class sets How to teach reading


A blog post by Comprehensible Novel author A.C. Quintero

"We've included here more resources for teachers to dive deeper into Black History Month, but encourage all teachers to use these resources and books to weave Afro-Latino and Afro-Franco culture, history and representation into lessons year-round." 
Throughout the year as a business Command Performance is actively working to include new titles by new voices, not just one month a year.  That is reflected in our broadening selection of comprehensible readers (featured below).  We've included here more resources for teachers to dive deeper into Black History Month, but encourage all teachers to use these resources and books to weave Afro-Latino and Afro-Franco culture, history and representation into lessons year-round.   
One way to support Black History Month is financially.  Dollars spent in your local black community work to build the financial power of that community or with businesses online.  Money spent at local bookstores, local restaurants, local printers or local graphic designers is an important way to consciously re-direct wealth.  If you know of an author or content-creator we should be amplifying, let us know and we'll add them to this blog.
This year Command Performance will continue to seek out black-owned businesses, Latino-owned businesses, Women-owned businesses, LGBTQ owned businesses and environmentally conscious and sustainable businesses to collaborate with and patronize as we also continuously build our diverse selection of readers.   Dollars you spent with Command Performance are re-invested in finding and promoting new authors.  We are always looking for strong writers and a diverse array of perspectives.
This year, we've teamed with A.C. Quintero to curate a calendar to further amplify black voices, content creators, authors, and materials that speak to the black experience. Whether novels that highlight characters of color, biographies of unsung heroes, we want to make sure you have comprehensible, engaging, and uplifting materials at your fingertips.  A.C. Quintero is a fierce proponent of making sure as teachers we include content that does not disproportionately focus on the pain and struggles of Afro-descendants but rather spark joy in our shared humanity. We understand that the human experience is multifaceted and multidimensional, and this is the message we want to convey to our students. We also believe in the notion of constructing as many mirrors and windows as possible to promote a robust, balanced, and culturally responsive program. That said,  please join us as we celebrate Black History Month, and Aspiring Black Futures. We hope the carefully crafted content calendar provides you with insightful resources you can use all year around. For each day, we'll share information about an author, or resource you can add to your teaching repertoire.  
Check out all of these Afro-Latino and Afro-Franco Comprehension-Based readers, resources and amazing webinars!  Find something you like?  Share the blog on your social media and help us amplify these great resources.
These have been recommended and curated by A.C. Quintero.  Link to her website here for updates throughout the month and to her Facebook Group, Teaching from the Trenches.

Black History Month 

29 Days of Black Authors and Black-centered stories

Have you read these Afro-latino, African-descent characters / authors Spanish books?

10% off 25 or more books




A.C. Quintero resource on Epsy Campbell Barr, vice-president of Costa Rica.



Jade Greene




CJ Charles


Kia London and A.C. Quintero, Voces Diversas de la Diáspora


Webinar with Kia London, How to Teach Voces Diversas de la Diáspora





Carla Tarini En qué estoy pensando

In German:

Have you read these French books with Afro-Franco characters?

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Qui Parle Francais? books 1-10 by Carla Tarini

Download the list of all of the people in Qui Parle Francais? by country.

 One-page first-person biographies of 100 historical figures from France, Syrie, Pologne, Nouvelle-Calédonie, Louisiane, Belgique, Sénégal, Les Seychelles,  Mauritanie, Algérie, Tchad, Togo, 
Guadeloupe, Guyane, Île Maurice, Djibouti, Mayotte, Burkina Faso, Tunisie, Niger, 
Canada, Pondichéry, Suisse, Gabon, Monaco, Saint-Domingue, le Maroc, République du Congo, le Maroc, Autriche, Rwanda, Mali, Tchad, Cambodge, Polynésie Française and les États Unis.
Carla Tarini's new books En quoi je pense

French webinar teacher training series


Benjamin Tinsley, Incorporating AfroFranco Culture in the French Classroom from Level 1, 
Abdel Khila and Dahiana Castro Francophone Products & Practices through CI : Le caftan marocain
Carla Tarini Teaching Qui Parle Francais?with demo by Daniel Kline Dubois and Sabrina Sebban

RACHEL LUCAS, World Language Teacher Tech Academy and Jenniffer Saldaña Whyte

If you're looking for resources for Black History Month we got you covered. A While back I  (Rachel Lucas) hosted several training sessions with the amazing Jenniffer Whyte from the Incorporating Afro-Latino Culture in Spanish Classrooms community . The training sessions are jam packed with amazing tips on how to Introduce Afro-Latino Culture to your world language students. Jenniffer specializes in incorporating Afro-Latino culture year round not just during Black History Month. In addition, to the amazing tips she also provided several done for you No-Prep lesson resources you can use with your students. The training sessions include a personalized PD certificate.
On-Demand Workshops For A Limited Time!
How to Introduce Afro-Latino Culture to your Students with Rachel Lucas and Jenniffer Saldaña Whyte
✅ How to easily integrate Afro-Latino culture into daily routines.
✅ Discover the best literature, music, and dance to introduce to your students.
Jennifer Saldaña Whyte. Coming soon - A History of Soul Food
French teachers:  Are you in the Afro-Franco Book Club?

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