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eBook MOBI for Kindle: Fluency Thru TPR Storytelling (TPRS) - 8th Edition

eBook MOBI for Kindle: Fluency Thru TPR Storytelling (TPRS) - 8th Edition

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Fluency Through TPR Storytelling (TPRS):
Achieving Real Language Acquisition in School - NEW 8th* Edition

The essential book for CI/TPRS teachers or any teachers who want their students to become fluent in the target language. (CI = comprehensible input)

The definitive treatment of TPRS (Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling). This book will show you how to help your students actually become proficient in the language you are teaching—to understand speech and writing, to speak, and to write. The keys are:

A. Full comprehension all the time in class
B. Hearing again and again the basic grammatical features of the new language in meaningful contexts
C. Interesting content, especially about students themselves

Keep these keys functioning regularly in your classes. The benefits will be evident early and often. Students tell stories and express in speech and writing what they want to say, and they instantly understand more and more of the spoken and written language as they go along.

Basics in the 8th edition:

  • The keys to fluency in the language classroom
  • Essential concepts and practices
  • The 3 steps:
    • Establishing meaning
    • Asking the story, co-creating it with the class
    • Reading
  • Grammar as meaning and/or custom
  • Teaching elementary school

New features in the 8th edition:

  • Blaine Ray's current ways of teaching
  • 100+ techniques in chapters devoted to comprehension, repetitions, interest, and personalization
  • Particular "new" techniques: Blaine Ray's "triangling," Terry Waltz's "super 7" verbs, Mike Peto's "sweet 16" verbs, Sabrina Sebban Janczak's "Étoile de la semaine (Star of the week)," Jody Noble's "The Chair," Lisa Horvath's "Minimalist Elementary Teacher," and Bryce Hedstrom's passwords
  • 6 approaches to classroom management, including Blaine Ray's and Jon Cowart's "new" approaches
  • An updated appendix by Karen Lichtman on research about TPRS
  • An appendix by Erica Peplinski on brain research related to language acquisition
  • Longer lists of "rejoinders" in American English, Spanish, French, German and Mandarin
  • Basic frequency word lists for American English, Spanish, French, German and Mandarin, quoted from Routledge frequency dictionaries

Other appendices:

  • The option of beginning with TPR (Total Physical Response)
  • List of resources, including language schools
  • Best posts and messages from teachers and students
  • Multi-level classes, raising enrollment and a study on teaching present and past together
  • Standardized tests and starting TPRS® ASAP
  • Transitioning a department towards CI/TPRS®
  • Convincing Administrators and Parents

Removed from earlier editions:

  • Chapters on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years
  • The 5-day lesson plan
  • Prefaces to all previous editions
  • Various irrelevant details

The 8th edition is 424 pages, 6"x 9", thoroughly revised.

To view 14 sample pages, click here.

eBook MOBI for Kindle ISBN 978-1-60372-325-1

* A limited number of copies of the 7th edition of the print book are still available. If you want the 7th edition, please click on the print book (not eBook) and then click on "Add a note to your order" on the checkout page and tell us before you check out. The 7th edition is not available as an eBook.

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TPR Storytelling is much better than anything else out there.
—Professor Emeritus Stephen D. Krashen, University of Southern California

I never imagined my students would be producing so much language after just two months. Parents are actually calling to thank me for teaching this way. ... A colleague credits the Denver workshop with absolutely changing his life. He is dedicating himself to TPR Storytelling. It is producing amazing language growth in the kids.

—Susan Gross, formerly of Cheyenne Mountain Jr. High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and past president of the Colorado Conference of Foreign Language Teachers

My principal was amazed. Her comment was “I cannot believe the fluency in the students. My children took Spanish for at least 2 years and they were not able to speak this well. Your students have only had 12 weeks of study!”

—Dana Thacker of Scarborough High School in Houston, Texas

We learn so much Spanish in the stories that we don’t think about it. It just comes out.

—5th-grader Karson, San Francisco Day School

I wanted to thank you for helping me have the best of my 25 years of teaching! ... the results were amazing and gratifying...both for me and my students! I have never had a group that could understand so much or write and speak so well...and staff and administration agree there’s nothing particularly special about this year’s class. It’s your system that’s special — THANKS!

—Michael Kundrat of Central Lake High School in Central Lake, Michigan


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