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Command Performance
Language Institute

Innovative materials for language learners and language teachers, specializing in:

  • •TPR
  • •TPR Storytelling
  • •Visually-Oriented Teacher Resources

Newest Items

Isabelle capture un singe hurleur
Isabelle Huffman is a precocious 9½-year-old girl who finds herelf tangled up in trouble again while visiting French Guiana with her mother. “I don’t cause problems!” Isabelle insists. “Problems find me.” Isabelle and her friend Daniel devise a plan to capture and train a howler monkey. When their antics cause a baby monkey to shock himself on an electrical wire and fall from a tree, Isabelle and Daniel are in a race against the clock to try to save his life before it’s too late.

Les Aventures d'Isabelle - Audio Book on CD
Now available as an audio book on CD; Isabelle is a 8½ year-old girl who can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble on a visit to Paris with her mother. She wants to be the president when she grows up. Or a ballerina. Or the president and a ballerina. She’s dramatic. She sings on the subway, eats screams like a baby after eating a cheese that is too strong, and convinces her mom to buy new shoes for a big family. No matter how often her mom asks her to sit down like a normal little girl, she just can’t help getting up to take more pictures of her adventures. When will Isabela ever sit down?

CD version of Les Aventures d'Isabelle. The entire text read aloud by a native speaker.

Shéi hǎokàn? 2nd Edition
Harry, a young American, goes to Beijing to learn Mandarin. At the same time, a young Korean woman named Min-Jee also goes to Beijing to learn Mandarin. At first, since they have no common language, they cannot speak to each other. As a relationship begins to develop, a surprising incident occurs in their Mandarin class and they begin to communicate in Mandarin. Lively illustrations infuse the story with reality. The story continues in Book Two, Good-looking is Not Enough. Look for it soon on this website.

Jean-Paul et ses bonnes idées
Jean-Paul is an eleven-year-old boy who lives in Paris. His best friend is a girl named Pascale. Poor Jean-Paul has one big problem. He does not like school. He does not like to study. He does not like to do homework. Besides, his teachers are really strange. Fortunately, Jean-Paul has a lot of good ideas. He thinks of many fun and exciting things to do rather than going to school. His good ideas include visiting a soccer stadium and an art museum with Pascale. Jean-Paul also thinks about eating delicious pastries at a bakery and rowing a boat in a park. Jean-Paul thinks these are good ideas. In fact, he thinks they are great ideas. Are they really?

Todo lo que brilla
José was a happy young man. He worked hard on his small farm with his best friend, Ignacio. José believed that soon he would realize his dream of marrying Emilia, the most beautiful girl he had ever met. Things were all going according to plan until one day an unexpected letter changed everything. José and Ignacio must leave the farm. Together the two friends face danger and adventure in the jungles and mines of Ecuador. This is their story.
Based on amazing and true events captured in the author's documentary film, this novel is an action-packed adventure-romance that will keep you engaged to the last page.

Fluency Through TPR Storytelling - 7th Edition
The definitive treatment of TPR Storytelling (TPRS) by the originator and by a longtime TPR and TPRS teacher/author. From day one students understand everything they hear and read in their new language and are answering numerous questions about stories. In the first weeks students acquire a basic comprehension vocabulary and the most essential structures. In two or three months they are able to express themselves with fluency appropriate to their level. Teachers love what their students can do. Students do too. Shows how to keep students acquiring with fascination at every level. This edition contains numerous innovations, such as:

  • Using Yourself as a Parallel Character
  • The "Events" Technique
  • Not Starting with TPR
  • MovieTalk
  • Using Embedded Readings Based on TPRS Stories
  • Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) & Sustained Silent Reading (SSR)
  • Teaching to Read Different Writing Systems
  • Deep Personalization
  • Collaborative Classroom Management
  • TPRS and CI in Elementary School
  • Revised TPRS Materials and Resources
  • Revised & Expanded Research on TPR Storytelling
  • Multi-Level Classrooms and Social Diversity
  • Transitioning a Department Towards CI/TPRS
  • Convincing Administrators and Parents

Live Action English - 4th Edition
A classic that's been around for years, and is used all over the world, this is the first student/teacher book based on James J. Asher's Total Physical Response (TPR). Each page has an illustrated action series of imperatives in a logical order, telling how to do an activity that everyone is familiar with (get up in the morning, chew a piece of gum, iron a shirt, open a present, eat an orange, clean house, take a hike, 75 in all!).

Les Yeux de Carmen - Audio Book on CD
Now available as an audio book on CD; this novella is for 3rd year high school students. A 16 year-old American boy wants to enter a photography contest. He goes to French Guyana to visit his aunt's family. While there, he must deal with various culturally challenging situations. On a day trip he meets Carmen, a girl with exceptional eyes. He wants to photograph her, especially because he thinks he can win a contest with a photo of her, but…

CD version of Les Yeux de Carmen, entire text read aloud by native speakers with space to repeat out loud after each sentence.

Don Quijote, el último caballero - Paperback Book
Don Quijote, el último caballero is an amusing, ironic and — at the same time — tragic story. Don Quijote is an ordinary Spaniard with an extraordinary imagination who believes that he must achieve great feats to honor a lady. He falls in love with a waitress that he considers to be the ideal lady. He and his companion Sancho Panza have adventures in which Don Quijote is always mistaken about what he finds along the way while Sancho sees what is really there. The story is based on Miguel de Cervantes’ The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha, published in the 17th century. Many consider it to be the best book of fiction ever written.

For intermediate and advanced beginners of Spanish with a vocabulary of fewer than 200 different Spanish words for a 1,400-word story in the present tense and the same story also in the past tense. It is repetitive and simple and uses many cognates to make the story comprehensible to adults and children. The stories are intentionally written to be acted out in a class, but also to serve as independent reading in either the present or the past tense.

Presque mort - Audio Book on CD
Now available as an audio book on CD; the third novel in the easiest series of French novels in ex­istence—for 1st or 2nd year students—with a vo­cabulary of only 400 words. An engaging story, with a taste of romance, about an American girl who goes to high school in Brittany and two French boys, a nice one and a mean one. The mean one turns nice. Eight short chapters. Short and sweet!

More Live Action English INTERACTIVE - TPR on a Computer!
Ten more dynamic units like those in Live Action English INTERACTIVE, the most effective and popular low-level ESL computer program (or EFL, ELD, ELL, ELT, TESOL or ESOL). Based on the classic TPR (Total Physical Response) text Live Action English by Romijn and Seely. Practical vocabulary in context through videos in 10 action sequences. The new topics are: At the Laundromat, Taking a Hike, Job Safety, Ice Cream and TV, Yard Work, Making an Omelet, Doctor’s Visit, Going Swimming, Call the Landlord and A Party! Innovative, engaging interactive TPR exercises. Verb form practice in context in the 4 basic tenses: past, present, present progressive, future. Dictations, help, more. Low beginning through low intermediate. Grades 3-12, college, adult levels. All on one DVD for Windows and Macintosh.

Le Voyage perdu - Audio Book on CD
Now available as an audio book on CD; the third in a series of four easy novellas for 2nd- and 3rd year high school students. American college students Craig and Buzz go on a Caribbean cruise. While in Martinique, they miss the boat to the next island and then their money is stolen. The solution to their dilemma involves a gorgeous Martinican girl, her exotic grandmother and various aspects of Martinican culture.