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Earth Day, April 22 Invest in Our Planet

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Will you teach about Earth Day, 2022?   Did you know Earth Day was started in 1970?
The official theme for Earth Day 2023 is Invest In Our Planet
Have you read these Comprehensible Readers yet?
Accord Naturel, Diego Ojeda
Le Capybara botté, Mira Canion
Isabelle capture un singe hurleur Karen Rowan
Émeraude, le bébé tortue marine Fluency Matters / Wayside
La planète grise Cecile Laine

Abejas Exploradoras Fluency Matters / Wayside 
Agua Tóxica Mira Canion
Isabela captura un Congo Karen Rowan
Esmeralda  Fluency Matters / Wayside 
El Planeta Gris Cecile Laine

SOStenible  Fluency Matters / Wayside 
Acuerdo Natural. Diego Ojeda
Meche y las Ballenas Mike Peto

has 17 global goals and their resources are in Spanish, French and English and many resources are also available in 30 other languages, too. Mandarin, Arabic, Italian, Japanese...  The spoke at our 2021 #CIReboot online conference.  This is a global project with commitments from schools all over the world to make the world a better place through 17 concrete global goals.


There's still plenty of time to recognize how Earth Day is celebrated globally.
Benjamin M. Tinsley did a workshop in Kansas last September in which we were sent down a Map Talks rabbit hole to research a problem and how people around the world are addressing it and solving it and create a lesson plan. (I think... I might have gotten distracted by the task and was having so much fun I forgot what the instructions were.) It was specifically on the problem of plastic around the world.
This article really inspired me:
And Kedibone Refilwe Tsiloane and Kekeletso Pulane Tsiloane from Sasolburg, Free State are two sisters who brought plastic bricks to South Africa to build low-cost housing.


I went down a deep rabbit hole in that workshop and came up really excited.
Where will you be on April 22nd this year? I will be at Mitten CI, a 2-day conference for comprehension-based language teachers!!!!



If you have more ideas for any language, post them in the comments!
For more ways to deliver content with comprehensible input, attend the #CIREBOOT. Pre-conference sessions (included in your $149.00 registration) start April 8th. www.fluencyfast.com/cireboot

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