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Frequently Asked Questions

We make our best effort to work with, advise and keep you informed about your order or interest in a product.

If your question is not answered here, please contact us.  info at CPLI dot net

Is this the best place to order readers for a classroom library?

It is.  First, we carry independent authors and book publishers all in the same place. Second, authors make as much or more distributing through CPLI and we manage all of the billing, shipping, ordering and storage for them.  For three of our authors we are the only U.S. distributor as they are located out of the country.  

Shipping is free on Amazon.  Why not order there?

Orders do not come in one package.  School districts have trouble with inventory and purchase orders.  Books often arrive damaged when ordered in large quantities.  We package with recycled materials taking care that books are not damaged.  When you buy through us, you'll hear about the next book an author publishes or a teacher's guide that is only available directly through the author.  Amazon does not tell the author who purchased their book.   Lastly, free shipping is not free.  Packaging, delivery, gas and delivery drivers are real costs.  The cost of shipping comes from the author's profit on each book.  Shipping charges from USPS or UPS are passed on to the purchaser and the author keeps their royalties. 

Can I order books from an independent author / publisher?  I heard there was a list.

There is an order form that includes all available readers that we know of.  You can download that order form and return it to email info at  CPLI dot net.  If payment is made by check, we can offer a 10% discount.  Click on book catalogues.

I'm tax exempt. How do I order?

If you are tax exempt, please place your order with us either by email or by contacting us first with your email address so that we can convert your online account to tax exempt status.  You can then order directly on the website as soon as we set that up the first time. 

I'm in Denver.  Can I come pick up books?
Yes.  Just order online and choose pickup instead of shipping.  We will place your order on the front porch.  Call us to arrange a time.  510-524-1191
I'm a teacher.  Can I place a purchase order with you?
Yes!  You can place your order on this website and pay with a school credit card (easiest and fastest) or by check.  If your school/district needs to send us the PO by email, please see our section on School Purchase Orders.
I'm a wholesaler. How do I order?
If you are a wholesaler, do not order online. Contact us by email to start the process to establish your wholesale account, info@cpli.net   We'll need all your standard wholesaler information.
How can I become one of your distributors?

Please contact us by phone or email to start the process. We will review your information and someone will contact you with our decision. We'll need all your standard information.

Can you ship my order to somewhere outside of the USA?

We can. Order online.  Shipping will be calculated automatically.  If your country is not available for shipping, please contact us and we will get your home country added!  If you are a wholesaler or distributor contact us by email.

Shipping your order can be by UPS or the USPS.  We will always choose the least expensive, most reliable option. 

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