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Les Aventures d'Isabelle (FRENCH), by Karen Rowan

Les Aventures d'Isabelle (FRENCH), by Karen Rowan

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Les Aventures d'Isabelle

Isabelle is a 8 1/2 year-old girl who can’t seem to keep herself out of trouble on a visit to Paris with her mother. She wants to be the president when she grows up. Or a ballerina. Or the president and a ballerina. She’s dramatic. She sings on the subway, eats screams like a baby after eating a cheese that is too strong, and convinces her mom to buy new shoes for a big family. No matter how often her mom asks her to sit down like a normal little girl, she just can’t help getting up to take more pictures of her adventures. When will Isabela ever sit down?

Les Aventures d'Isabelle is a Fluency Fast novella for true beginners. It uses a vocabulary of only 230 words to tell a 2300-word story. It is repetitive and simple and uses many cognates to make the book comprehensible to beginning learners.

ISBN 9780982468746

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Juliana Holt

Les Aventures d'Isabelle by Karen Rowan Translated by Donna Tatum-Johns

Anne Briotet

I tracked down several students who had read this book during our FVR time. There are several things they mentioned that they liked about this book: it is set in Paris, there is lots of conversation, the story was interesting. But what stood out to me that every student communicated is how successful they felt reading it. They felt that they could understand virtually all of it, and rarely needed to use the glossary. They said that the way it was written, they could infer from context what new words meant. The way their faces beamed with pride when they said they finished this book much faster than others was amazing! That is success!

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