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Alma de Lobo, by Verónica Moscoso

Alma de Lobo, by Verónica Moscoso

$ 9.00

What happens when reality overcomes fiction? Then you have a story like ALMA DE LOBO.  This novella is the true story of Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja. His is the only documented case in Spain of a feral child.

SUMMARY: At the age of seven, Marcos was sold by his father to work as a shepherd in a remote valley of the Sierra Morena. The older shepherd, who was teaching him the ropes, suddenly died, leaving Marcos on his own. He had a hard time staying alive until a pack of wolves adopted him. ALMA DE LOBO describes how Marcos manages to survive in the mountains living a carefree life surrounded by the animals he befriended. Then, the painful process to adapt to the world of humans after his capture when he was 19 years old. Hardly anyone believed his childhood stories, but when he was in his 60s, an event changed his life.

ALMA DE LOBO is a page-turner. This book is an easy reader Spanish novella for students in about Spanish 3 or the end of Spanish 2.  With about 305 unique words, it tells a 4,190-word story in the past tense. Illustrations and a full glossary for each of the ten chapters are included.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is one of the most fascinating stories I’ve ever researched and written about. I based this novella on the books, articles, interviews and documentaries about Marcos’ life. Most importantly, I was able to interview Marcos himself, for which I am really grateful.

isbn 978-1-7342399-8-0

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Customer Reviews

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Mark Maneates
Alma de Lobo

Not much content in this story. I have purchased other books from your store previously, and most were at least 100+ pages in length of actual story. I felt a bit disappointed in terms of value vs. price. Too much emphasis on glossary than actual story.

Hi! We're sorry you were disappointed! We hardly have any 100 page books. Yo sé cómo hacerlo; La Marimba de mi Abuelo; Hasta la Sepultura, Las Sombras.... Maybe 5 or 6 out of 400 titles. Most are 40-60 pages like the other ones you purchased in the same order. Have you had the chance to read the others yet? We look forward to hearing if you like any of the others you have. =). We hope so!

M Whaley
Fascinating story!

Opening this book to the first pages meant that I had to finish it in one sitting. It is a terrific story and it’s amazing to learn that the author actually interviewed the hero to make sure of facts. I am certain that students of every age will be pulled into this narrative.

catalina espinosa

Alma de Lobo

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