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La piñata de Renata, by Craig Klein Dexemple

La piñata de Renata, by Craig Klein Dexemple

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Comprehensible mini stories with unique characters and exciting twists that keep students engaged and wanting more. Repetition of vocabulary and structures provides optimum input to promote natural language acquisition.Hold on tight.You’re about to meet Renata—a remarkable unflappable girl with incredible hair. Join Renata each night on piñata-propelled journeys to distant Spanish-speaking realms. Meet bullfighters, wrestlers, legendary ghosts, unusual creatures, and more. With La piñata de Renata the ordinary becomes extraordinary. So find a good reading spot and join an EPIC adventure. LEVEL 1

isbn 9780991203871

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Customer Reviews

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Carla Tarini
Craig’s books are delightful!

Renata’s piñatas adventures are so fun and lively that you don’t notice how the repetition of high frequency language is masterfully woven into each chapter—you just want to find out what happens next. In addition, every sentence is accompanied by a cute illustration, making it even more fun. As an independent learner, I was motivated to “picture-talk” the chapters to myself after my first reading of the book. It’s empowering to be able to speak so much Spanish.

Another class favorite!

My students love books by Craig Klein Dexemple, and this is no exception. The short stories with lots of pictures get them asking questions and wanting to learn more about the places Renata visits.

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