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L'isola più pericolosa del mondo (Italian), SPECIAL ORDER, by John Sifert

L'isola più pericolosa del mondo (Italian), SPECIAL ORDER, by John Sifert

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by John Sifert (Author), Cristina Pesce (Translator)


How do you survive when death is never more than 3 feet away? Swimming to a deserted island after his plane exploded, Caden thought he had escaped the worst. Little did he know, he and the other survivors had washed up on L'isola di Queimada Grande- commonly known as Snake Island. Here, there is an average of one venomous snake every square meter.In the midst of avoiding deadly serpents, crash survivors with dark secrets, and finding food and water, Caden just wants to find his dad and brother and go home. But to make matters worse, Caden soon discovers that the person who brought down the plane may still be on the island with them! 

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Michael Shideler

L'isola più pericolosa del mondo (Italian), by John Sifert

Theresa Jensen
Such an easy read, so much drama!!

I am an adult learner of Italian and have just done so online and reading. I plowed through this book in 2 sittings (while my students were reading in Spanish) and it is FANTASTIC.

COMPREHENSIBLE: I understood everything and words I was curious about were always in the glossary. Images were helpful as well.

Full disclosure, I read and loved the Spanish version a couple years ago, but pretty much forgot everything because over 40 brain. However, it may have helped my comprehension.

COMPELLING: It hooks you when you find yourself in a plane crash in the beginning, and it seems there is more peril, confusion and desperation with each passing moment. Humor is sprinkled throughout, and I would not describe it as "scary", but a thriller. I of course love a good twist and was not disappointed!

This was a great read and I highly recommend it - both in Spanish and Italian! The Spanish version is one of my students' favorites. Get yourself a copy and find out why!

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