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Live Action English - 4th Edition avl at www.springesl.com

Live Action English - 4th Edition avl at www.springesl.com

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Live Action English - 4th Edition, by Elizabeth Kuizenga Romijn and Contee Seely

A classic that's been around for years, and is used all over the world, this is the first student/teacher book based on James J. Asher's Total Physical Response (TPR). Each page has an illustrated action series of imperatives in a logical order, telling how to do an activity that everyone is familiar with (get up in the morning, chew a piece of gum, iron a shirt, open a present, eat an orange, clean house, take a hike,etc.) 

Live Action English should be at the top of every teacher’s list of books, no matter what level they are teaching. Topics included: From grocery shopping and wrapping a present to taking the plane and building a fire, this classic resource of 67 step-by-step action sequences makes it easy to fuse play with learning! Use the sequences for dozens of activities, from pantomiming to dictations to pictionary. Their adaptability makes them great for all levels and ages. Includes activity suggestions, a section on teaching very low beginners, and creative adaptations.

isbn 9780929721464

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