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Xolo, by Marta Ruiz Yedinak (reader with audio )

Xolo, by Marta Ruiz Yedinak (reader with audio )

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Maya has always longed for a pet dog. After all, all of her friends have one. However, due to her father's allergy, she had accepted that she would never get the pet of her dreams. That is until one day a stray xoloitzcuintle follows her and her grandmother home from the park. According to Aztec legend, the xoloitzcuintle is the dog gifted to humans by the gods, to serve as their guardian and spiritual guide after death. Could this chance meeting mean that with grandma's help, Maya could finally get to have the pet she has always wanted? But as the ancient legend suggests, there could be more to the dog's presence than meets the eye...

Explore the ideal read for Spanish language learners at beginner and intermediate levels. Dive into Mexican mythology through a captivating narrative in a contemporary setting. With vivid full color illustrations, each chapter features a QR Code providing access to audio recordings read by the author. Written in present tense with ample cognates, this novel immerses readers in a compelling story while supporting Spanish language acquisition. Educators will find it a valuable resource for enriching their curriculum and expanding their classroom library, while independent learners will discover a fun and compelling source of comprehensible input to enhance their Spanish listening, and reading skills.

ISBN: 9798329460339

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Carla Tarini
A complete pacakage!

Marta Yedinak offers Spanish learners and teachers a comprehensible reader packed with great supports which will make reading and rereading fun and easy. The book has beautiful, full-color illustrations, QR codes for the audio of each chapter, footnotes for higher level vocabulary, and a complete glossary. Teachers can use the illustrations for picture talk, prediction activities, quick writes and more. The audio, read by the author, will be great for students to listen to in class or at home if they miss class, but can also be used for substitute plans. This book is a must-have for the Spanish classroom!

Xolos are the coolest!

Having fantasized about owning a Xolo (dog) for many years, I was thrilled to find a fiction reader with some info about them! This book is not just a wonderful story of a young girl and her family, but about the Xolo dog and its importance in Mexican culture. This is a wonderful reader that will appeal to many students of all ages. Highly recommended for your FVR library or for a class reader.

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