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How to build a classroom library October, 2022

Command Performance Class sets FVR How to teach reading

How to build a classroom library

Building a classroom library quickly requires a variety of readers that will appeal to as many students as possible.  The objective is to create pleasure readers who will continue to read independently.   

Is Pleasure Reading Important?  Is it a waste of class time?


How to display books:

Jim Trelease in The Read Aloud Handbook recommends rain gutters attached to the walls.  Here are some other options.  If you are still concerned about disinfecting books, read this blog on how to display books and how long to quarantine them after use.


Here are some options for Free Voluntary Reading (FVR) library packages:

25 books or more from Command Performance are 10% off.  Library packages are 5% off.  These two discounts can be combined.

Level 1 Spanish Classroom Library, 20 books

Level 2 Spanish Classroom Library, 20 books

Level 3 and 4 Spanish Classroom Library, 20 books


What is Acento Latino?


Acento Latino Elementary Bundle, 8 books

Acento Latino Level 1 Spanish Bundle, 12 books

Acento Latino Level 2 Spanish Bundle, 11 books

Acento Latino Level 3 Spanish Bundle, 4 books

Acento Latino, Level 4 Spanish Bundle, 9 books

Acento Latino full package


What if there are no school funds available for classroom libraries?

Options:  Voces diversas de la diáspora is a downloadable blackline master.  You can make copies for your students.

Carla Tarini wrote one-page readings for her students like this:

Copies for students are on the counter and one laminated cover is on the wall behind.  If students liek the story, they put a star on it.  This serves as a recommendation for other students.

 You can find books by Carla Tarini here in Spanish and French.

Can I photocopy readers if the school doesn't have funds? Can I post the books online for students to read on the school website or in my teacher account?

No.  It's illegal and the school can be fined.  Not just a little illegal.  A lot illegal and very expensive for the school district when they receive a cease and desist letter and demand for payment.  It's a lot less expensive for the school to purchase school materials for students.  

Ask to Pay

Use the "Ask to Pay" button in the website to send emails to parents or donors or the PTA.

Student and Parent donations

Let students order their own books by sending the link to the catalogue or to the CPLI website and ask for donations to the classroom library when they finish reading. 

Ask parents to donate books as graduation gifts to the class.





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