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Qui parle français? by Carla Tarini, SET OF BOOKS 1-5

Qui parle français? by Carla Tarini, SET OF BOOKS 1-5

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Set of 5 books of one-page biographies of famous people who impacted or spoke the French language in very simple French.  Written in easy, accessible French, the Qui parle français? books offer you the ideal entry into la francophonie– the French-speaking world. Present tense.  High frequency verbs. 350-450 unique words per book. Recognizable cognates (words similar in meaning and spelling to English words).  Complete glossary. Six maps of the French-speaking world.  Beautiful, detailed illustrations.  All books written at the same level.   Carla has collected a diverse representation of women, people of color and lesser known French-speakers.  Each book contains 10 different biographies.  Level 1 & above (great for all levels!)

This 5 pack is 5% off the list price.  

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Customer Reviews

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Emily Kautzer
Great Purchase for Novice Learners

Highly diverse profiles of well-known and less well-known Francophones. Very easy vocab for novice learners with a nice drawing to go with each one. Students enjoyed learning about Django Reinhardt from the very first page of book 1. These books are full of valuable gems. The first-person, present -tense writing and biography format support comprehension.

Alana Considine Considine
Fabulous resource for every French learner

The fascinating people featured in this series come from all over the francophone world. They will allow so many students to learn about people they can relate to, especially students who struggle to find that in traditional classes.

My 11 year-old daughter and I read several bios together before I brought the books to school. She really enjoyed them and, because of Carla's brilliant use of cognates, could understand with very little scaffolding. My French I students can read independently from these by the end of the year.

These books can be read easily by a beginner yet have content that makes them also valuable to advanced learners. The maps and beautiful illustrations support comprehension and add interest.

Unlike much of the input novice learners read, these are written in first person. I like that.

I have the whole series and am going to order additional copies. Great for FVR and for reading as a class.

I highly and enthusiastically recommend the whole series.

Vanessa Weinlein
Easily Comprehensible - Great for beginners!

I am very pleased with my purchase of these books. They are easily comprehensible for beginner students. They use the same beginning verbs I have been teaching. They provide a great flood of input for students and a great springboard for student-created writing.

Karen Rowan
Bios of French women, people of color, artists, magicians, scientists

It was so thrilling to realize I understood all of these simple biographies of French speakers. Carla Tarini has done a beautiful job of telling the stories of women, people of color, fairly unknown scientists an artists as well as well-known heroes. The artwork is stunning. Each of the 10 subjects has a one-page bio written in the first person next to a gorgeous bio. These are worth reading and re-reading.

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